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Top ten most popular FAQs

Do you provide technical services or create teams for that end?

 iTalents offers a range of solutions and specialized recruitment services to help you create your own technical team. Whether you require programmers, designers, content creators, marketers, or any other IT-related expertise, we can find you the perfect match from our competitive pool of Tunisian specialized professionals. We are committed to customizing our services to fit within your budget and technical goals, while also ensuring that your project requirements are met with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

Can my remote team be as productive and efficient as if they were working from a physical office location?

Remote work culture has become more popular in recent years, with many large companies, including Meta, aiming to have half of their employees working from home by 2030. A study by Owl Labs estimates that 22% of the US workforce, or 36.2 million Americans, will be fully remote by 2025. Companies are also reducing traditional expenses and directing them towards their employees, such as travel, accommodation, and office rent, to increase productivity and motivation. So, yes! Your distributed team has the potential to outperform your in-office counterparts.

Is having an in-house staff necessary?

You have the flexibility to select the best option for their budget and business requirements in Tunisia. The rental fee for an office that accommodates a technical team of 10 employees is reasonably priced at a maximum of $800 per month, which is comparably low compared to other Arab capitals such as Riyadh, Dubai, or Doha. Remote work does not necessarily hinder productivity, except for cases where team members lack experience or effective communication skills. Our company provides training and a one-month internship program to equip your team with the necessary skills and expertise in remote work techniques.

What kind of response times can I expect?

We work with each client to establish specific expectations. Our measurable service levels specify clear consequences for not living up to agreed-upon expectations.

Will my authority be limited over my work team?

Our management of your team will be in accordance with your guidance and your direct work interests. You will have full administrative control. We will extend any contract you desire and we will separate any employee who is not suitable for the work team. We will also provide grants and rewards based on work reports issued by you or by the project manager you appoint on your behalf. Our role will be only to provide guidance, assistance, and logistical support whenever needed.

What types of businesses are eligible for iTalents' services?

iTalents provides its services in a fair and accessible manner to all businesses, regardless of their size, whether they are small, medium, large or very large companies. We cater to all professional structures that require technological recruitment services for their development and growth.

Does iTalents provide flexible working hour arrangements that accommodate time zone differences?

As a company with international reach, we understand the importance of adjusting to different time zones and providing optimal service. To ensure continuous project monitoring, we offer 24-hour coverage for projects that require continuous monitoring. Work hours and conditions are discussed and defined by the Tunisia-based project manager and clients to reach an agreement that meets everyone’s needs and expectations.

Does iTalents take into account currency fluctuations when billing for its recruitment services?

If there is an excess amount transferred during payment due to currency fluctuations, iTalents will refund the difference to ensure that clients only pay for the services received without incurring financial losses. In the event that there is an amount due as a result of currency fluctuations during a service payment, iTalents commits to charging the client only for the exact amount owed. 


When are my team expenses reimbursed, and how does that process work?

After contracting with us and setting up your team, you are required to transfer the expenses related to salaries and office rent or equipment directly in the form of annual, semi-annual, or quarterly payments. It is not possible to transfer them less frequently than that (for example, monthly) to ensure the rights of employees in not being subject to sudden salary interruptions due to any emergency that may arise for you or your company.

What are our recruitment policies and startegies ?

The process of establishing your own work team goes through several stages starting from identifying a wide range of suitable profiles to be nominated for your team. At iTalents, we have a database of more than 5,000 specialists in various technology fields that have been recruited  and formed according to strict scientific criteria that guarantee us the speed of selecting the suitable profile and ensure high quality work.

Then, in the second stage, we narrow down the nominees to a small group that suits the specific conditions and requirements of your work, after discussion sessions, tests, accurate evaluation, and continuous follow-up with you and the job profiles.

Finally, in the third stage, we arrange a direct meeting between you and your nominated work team to present your proposals and impressions before the final approval

What are the additional expenses that i might have to cover while assembling the team?

Expenses and payments vary from one team to another depending on the jobs types and their requirements. Some teams require special devices with advanced specifications that can be leased or purchased as needed. Additionally, some teams require an office space, while others can work from home due to not needing direct interaction among team members. Expenses can be determined based on:   

  • Contract type 
  • Social security and state tax  
  • 13th-month salary
  • Devices: purchasing, leasing, or without
  • Incentives and grants
  • Overtime hours as needed

Types of employment contracts ?

The types of contracts vary depending on the company, job, and employee, and can be categorized as follows:

According to the employee’s location:

  • Employment contract with mandatory office attendance

Employment contract without mandatory office attendance

  • (the employee can work from home or through a co-working space)

The contract can also be determined according to the time period:

  • Employment contract for an indefinite period
  • Employment contract for a fixed period, renewable
  • Employment contract for a fixed period, non-renewable
  • Freelance contract

The contract can also be determined according to the type of work:

  • Full-time employment contract
  • Part-time employment contract
  • Contract to work during the weekend/holidays
  • Employment contract with specific tasks.

What distinguishes Tunisian IT expertise from the rest of the world and the Arab world?

Tunisia is considered one of the countries that place a great emphasis on education and technical training. Due to its proximity to European markets, Tunisian universities and institutes offer training programs primarily aimed at meeting the demand for skilled labor in European markets. This makes most graduates in the field of information technology capable of working according to the strict standards of European technology companies.

On the other hand, Tunisia has close cultural ties to the Arab and Islamic world, making skills readily available for work in the Arab environment with a European observation. It’s as if you hired an affordable  German or French developer or designer who is proficient in his specialty while also speaking Arabic fluently. such expertise is able to fully comprehend the cultural, civilizational, and social aspects of the technological projects they work on in the Arab region.

In summary:

  • The employee has high skills and training.
  • They are proficient in the three main languages (Arabic, English, and French).
  • They can communicate with you easily and flexibly while understanding your work requirements.
  • Employment costs are reasonable and affordable even for startups

How can I fulfill my commitments as a client of iTalents?

To fulfill your commitments as a client of iTalents, it’s crucial to communicate your business needs clearly, transparently, and accurately. This includes providing timelines and budget expectations, so that iTalents can deliver the services you need within the agreed-upon timeframe and budget. Additionally, timely and regular payment is vital for the management of the team and payroll. By meeting these commitments, you can ensure a productive and successful partnership with iTalents.

What kind of expertise and skills can iTalents provide for businesses?

iTalents commits to meeting your skill needs, regardless of the number or specificity required. Through a rigorous candidate selection and evaluation process, we provide a pool of high-quality skills perfectly tailored to the demanded specialties. Whether for addressing punctual or long-term recruitment needs, iTalents provides sharp expertise and superior quality in all IT domains.

What are the legal guarantees offered by iTalents to its clients?

We offer a range of comprehensive legal guarantees. We implement secure and transparent payment methods to protect client payments. We ensure the highest quality services by rigorously selecting the best talent and providing attentive project management. We enforce strict confidentiality and data protection measures to guarantee the privacy and security of client information. We are committed to timely delivery and responsive customer service, and diligently address any complaints or disputes that may arise in a fair and equitable manner

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