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Comprehensive Consulting Service

Leverage the expertise of our consulting team of tech engineers and IT specialists to craft a holistic and personalized strategy of technological transformation, and business prosperity by extension,. We help you utilize your available resources to full capacity, fine-tune your team’s performance and maximize their capabilities, digitize operations and automate processes through integrating the latest cutting-edge technologies. Our objective is to provide your company with comprehensive, multidimensional support.

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Years experience
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Comprehensive IT Consulting Services

  • italents-blockchain-consulting

    Blockchain Consulting

    We help you get the most of the distributed ledger technology for a smoothly running business. This includes integrating Blockchian technology into your business or enhancing your existing systems.

  • italents-architecture-consulting-1

    Architecture Consulting

    Our consultants can design an IT infrastructure that best serves your business goals. We can also optimize your entire system, including hardware, software, applications, data management, cybersecurity, and system integration.

  • italents-enterprise-security

    Enterprise security

    This service aims at protecting your critical assets and sensitive data from potential threats through proactive and reactive approaches. Our process consists of assessing the system, identifying & fixing vulnerabilities, and ensuring long-term protection measures.

  • italents-software-consulting

    Software Consulting

    We provide a comprehensive software consulting service that includes evaluating, developing, integrating, testing, deploying, and maintaining your software systems. Our step-by-step approach ensures that your software solutions are fully functional, secure, and scalable.

  • italents-dataanalytics-consulting

    Data Analytics Consulting

    iTalents’ advisors help you outperform the competitors by incorporating risk management, customer, and business insight analytics in your infrastructure, for a clearer view of your market position and smarter business operations.

  • italents-cloudcomputing-consulting

    Cloud Computing Consulting

    Our services involve providing guidance on the migration of your IT infrastructure to the cloud. This includes the selection of an appropriate cloud provider, devising a plan for the transition, and maximizing the benefits of cloud computing.


Our Consulting services Take your Business to the Next Stage

  • Cost and Time

    Businesses across industries often lack enough IT work to justify hiring full-time IT employees. iTalents provides on-demand services, avoiding unnecessary costs of having additional staff.

  • Hands-on Expertise

    We take pride in having a team of engineers with hands-on expertise, encompassing extensive experience and diverse talents. We are well-equipped to resolve tech issues as they arise and proactively prevent potential threats from occurring.

  • Optimize Resources

    Managing technology internally could be time consuming, expensive, and resource-draining. Outsource your IT tasks to iTalents and focus on your main strengths and business objectives.

  • Tailored IT Solutions

    Again, No Shoes Fits All. Our advisory services and solutions are designed to meet the specific challenges of your IT infrastructure and its integration into your company’s ecosystem.

  • Affordable Services

    iTalents provides services at a competitive price and offers flexible pricing options, such as package deals and discounts for long-term contracts. We strike the value-price equilibrium to sustain the prosperity of your business.

Put an end to the squandering of resources on technology, and hand it over to iTalents’ professionals. Let’s Get Started

A good consultant is someone who can see the forest for the trees and recommend the right path to get there.
Carly Fiorina
Pricing and Plan

1 monthly fee for all IT services. No costly surprises


Targeted to small businesses, individuals with personal projects, and freelancers
20% /3months
Commission billed Trimesterly
  • The benefits included in this package are:
  • Email technical support
  • Annual reports
  • Developmental guidance and advice
  • Notifications of new skills available in our database.


This is tailored for medium-sized and startup companies with a team size between 5 and 20 employees.
15% /6months
Commission billed Bi-Annually.
  • The benefits included in this package are
  • 24/7 technical support.
  • Monthly and yearly reports.
  • Daily follow-up.
  • Priority in hiring creative talent.


Designed for large and successful companies that have surpassed the getting-off-the-ground stage.
10% /year
Commission billed Annually
  • The benefits included in this package are:
  • Special reports and daily follow-up.
  • Free project coordinator and manager
  • Continuous qualification and training for team members.
  • Priority for attracting the best skills.