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What is IT staffing?

With reference to our databases, experts, and partners in the IT domain, we study your company’s needs and allocate the right expertise to each mission. We build, train and sustain your remote team, and get your business ready for a thorough rise. our priority is to hire and recruit elite crews that  deliver quality services at affordable prices. 



Certified experts


Certified experts
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End user satisfaction
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Global reach
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Of Top Talents

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The steps of our IT staffing process

  • italents-workforce-planning

    Workforce Planning

    It consists of the quantitative and qualitative assessment of the enterprises’ workforce needs, as to define the optimal recruitment strategy to follow.

  • italents-selection-approbation

    Selection and approbation

    We select top eligible prospects, and run extra compatibility tests for a spot on placement: the right candidate for the right job..

  • italents-induction-onboarding

    Induction & onboarding

    It is the technical process of familiarizing and aligning selected candidates with businesses’ IT context, objectives and task details, and ensuring their smooth integration.

  • italents-productivity-appraisal

    Productivity Appraisal

    We evaluate and measure employees’ performance with reference to your company’s indicators and those of the task they were hired for.

  • italents-retention


    Identifying the expertise to be retained and ensuring them healthy work conditions to grow within themselves, personally and professionally.

  • italents-development


    We continue supporting the employees with workshops, training and updates and help them catch up on the most optimal and recent work strategies.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Control Staffing Costs

    Our staffing services help you cut corners and optimize your recruitment costs. By collaborating with us, you will reduce wasteful spending on bloated workforce. You also wouldn’t worry about expenses such as travel, accommodation, and unfair social security.

  • HR Advise

    We dedicate our amassed wealth of technological expertise and industry knowledge to provide you with comprehensive guidance, tailored solutions and continuous support that optimizes your recruitment plans and supports your technical infrastructure.

  • Always Ready

    We are always backed up with plan B that foresees future needs in the workforce and covers up sudden vacancies. If an outstanding employee is unable to continue working due to any circumstances, the alternative is always ready and equipped to take over seamlessly.

  • Capacity development

    Our experienced experts prepare your staff to work in specialized environments and emerging platforms, ensuring that they are equipped with the latest tools and techniques and knowledge to reach the full capacity of your business potential and streamline productivity.

  • Various Contracting Formats

    Serving the interests of companies and employees, we have sought to provide a range of employment contracts that accommodate various roles, needs and types of work such as freelance, traditional, and independent jobs.

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We recognize LinkedIn as a rich incubator of skilled professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. Our recruiters are always on the go, headhunting, actively seeking out talents and engaging with them to discuss potential career opportunities. At the core of our approach is the cultivation of strong relationships with prospects, and we leverage LinkedIn as a powerful tool to facilitate this process.

As an AI-powered HR solution based on predictive analytics and social media integration,  we use Entelo to benefit from the extensive coverage and engage with the best candidates for diverse IT roles. We find Entelo’s sophisticated algorithms and diverse filters helpful in promoting inclusive, fair and efficient talent identification processes.