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Launching a new project or venture can be a daunting task, full of potential pitfalls and uncertainties. That’s why iTalents offers comprehensive and affordable feasibility study services to help you make informed decisions about the viability of your recruitment plans in relation to your productivity goals. Our team of experienced consultants will work with you to assess the technical, economic, financial, legal, and operational factors of your proposed or running project, providing you with a detailed analysis of the potential opportunities and risks at an affordable cost. With our affordable feasibility study services, you can make informed decisions on how to set a solid foundation for your business and move it forward to the next stages. Additionally, we offer free consulting on management services to further assist you in making informed business decisions.


A comprehensive index of feasibility studies varieties

  • italents-economic-feasibilitystudy

    Economic Feasibility Study

    This assessment tests the consistency and compatibility of the costs allocated to recruitment and IT against the potential benefits, considering the company’s diverse economic factors for a realistic and thorough evaluation. Using the CBA model, we analyze the costs and benefits of these investments, including their potential impact on business growth. By examining the potential return on investment in recruitment and IT, we can determine whether these expenditures are justified and can contribute to the company’s long-term success.

  • italents-technical-feasibilitystudy

    Technical Feasibility Study

    This feasibility study evaluates the company’s technical expertise and resources in the recruitment and IT areas, suggests solutions, and ensures that the proposed alternatives comply with your specific needs. Our recommendations and proposals shall aim to concretize the company’s objectives while also driving business growth in a cost-effective manner. We will identify opportunities for the company to optimize its resources and develop a sustainable plan for business growth.

  • italents-workforce-feasibilitystudy

    Workforce Feasibility Study

    It is a comprehensive analysis of your organization’s workforce that evaluates if the team has the necessary skills, knowledge, and training to meet the demands of a specific project or business goal. The study helps to identify gaps in your employees’ capacity and skill sets, and determine the workforce needs in terms of quantity and quality, both in the short and long term. The results of this study can guide your company’s decision-making process and aid in strategic planning, recruitment, and employee development efforts.

  • italents-operational-feasibilitystudy

    Operational Feasibility Study

    Through this study, we evaluate the extent to which the operational and procedural frameworks of your team or company help or hurdle achieving the desired objectives. We typically conduct operational feasibility on recruitment and team management strategies to maximize their efficiency.

  • italents-schedule-feasibilitystudy

    Schedule Feasibility study

    In the light of your objectives, financial and Human resources, IT infrastructure status, operational framework and the potential external constraints, we help you set a realistic, achievable and actionable timeline for your project. This step is crucial for the successful execution of your vision.

  • italents-comprehensive-feasibilitystudy

    All-in feasibility study

    This one is a comprehensive study that combines the prior focused feasibility analyses into a comprehensive report to help you gain a nuanced perspective of your project and make informed decisions concerning the next steps. making business growth more affordable and budget friendly.


Know Before You Go: The Benefits of Feasibility Study

  • Concrete Objectives

    The feasibility study determines the viability and applicability of the venture and its growth aspiration by diagnosing the existing capacity and resources. In a nutshell, it offers a down-to-earth outlook to your project. .

  • Risk Management

    YES! Feasibility studies are a proactive tool of risk management as they point out the gaps, productivity deficiencies and potential threats facing your project. This minimizes the risk margin and mitigates its impact.

  • Probe Options

    Recommendations, suggestions, and Plan B are the primary outcomes of feasibility studies. It’s your gate to explore new opportunities and solutions that broaden your horizons and optimize your processes.

  • Recognize your Limitations

    Identifying your limitations and how to grow upon them is what feasibility studies do by offering an honest perspective on the different circumstances surrounding the execution and functioning of your business.

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All about our feasibility study services

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    IT companies, recruitment projects across sectors, and HR optimization are the ventures eligible for our feasibility study services.

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    Our services come at reasonable and affordable prices that reflect the quality and value we deliver to our customers.

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    We abide by objective, consistent and reliable methods and analysis approaches that guarantee full transparency.