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What is our approach to staff training?

Our people-oriented culture revolves primarily around sustainable talent management and the retention of a high-performing workforce. Investing in employees’ training and development is our way to support their growth, modernize workplace procedures and introduce new technologies. Training is part of our IT staffing process as we support remote hires with mentoring, technical advice, and specialized workshops featuring affordable web development services and affordable digital marketing services. We alternatively provide our services to existing teams aspiring to sharpen their performance and capacities. After examining your operations and work methods, we identify the developmental areas and design tailored solutions responding to your team’s needs. such a strategy helps business growth

Training Centers


Training Centers
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Endorsed Certificate
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Certified Trainers
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Developmental Labs
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Areas of Expertise

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The trainings we deliver include:

  • italents-softskills-training

    Soft skills training

    It hones the transferable and intrapersonal skills that facilitate collaboration among team members, enable them to resolve conflicts constructively, and establish amicable relationships; ergo cultivate a healthy workplace.

  • italents-reactive-training

    Reactive & proactive training

    The dynamic nature of the workplace requires reactive support that addresses current skill gaps, and a proactive one that acts in advance of needs and foresees the upcoming changes.

  • italents-technical-training

    Technical IT training

    It aims at developing the application, design, development, implementation, or management of computer-based information systems; and covers a broad range of topics, including programming languages, software development, and cybersecurity.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Targeted Training

    To cater to the varied talents, skills, and specializations of the team, we offer comprehensive and personalized training plans that cater to all team members, such as programmers, designers, and marketers, to guarantee seamless integration and harmony

  • Harnessing Tech Platforms

    The field of IT is inundated with a plethora of digital solutions and platforms, which can be arduous and costly. At iTalents, we offer a range of tech solutions, both free and paid, in partnership with service providers or through our own internal system.

  • Quality Certification and Accreditation

    Some platforms and specializations offered by major technology companies require accredited certifications. By partnering with our technical experts, we help you obtain the necessary licenses from vendors and work in full transparency with your customers.

  • Interpersonal skills Training

    We believe that the efficiency of managerial interactions and staff collaboration is subject to proper communication skills. We support your team with practical training that leverages their interpersonal skills for a seamless team cooperation.

  • Expertise Exchange

    We arrange vocational stays for your employees to be seconded to active teams in dynamic and qualified workplaces where they assimilate new skills, practices and methodologies. This is exclusively vital for sensitive specializations where valuable exposure and experience are much needed.

When companies truly invest in human capital to the extent that it invokes a sense of loyalty, they now have a serious competitive advantage.
Hendrith Vanlon

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