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iTalents' Comprehensive IT Market Analysis

The global tech scene has become more dynamic than ever, and so did the IT needs of business and companies across sectors. As such, resorting to strategic market research and analysis is rendered the cornerstone of filling the gap in IT-specialized human capital and long term staffing and management approach.

We at iTalents grew aware of the importance of research to stay ahead of where the business is moving next. Our market analysis service examines companies’ micro and macro environments, identifies the financial perspectives of stakeholders and their alignment with the market’s reality, conducts a thorough assessment of the potential IT workforce; and considers the recent IT trends and positions.Our experienced body of researchers pulls these variables together into a cohesive and comprehensive actionable plan that sustains your business’ efficiency and efficacy. We also offer on-demand analysis reports on particular aspects of the business scene relevant to requesters’ interest.


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  • italents-salary-report

    Salary Report

    Compensation analysis determines the running salary rates for the multitude of IT specialties. Salary reports help establish realistic and equitable budget plans for businesses.

  • italents-it-trends

    It trends

    The focus of this report is to keep your business current with the emerging technologies and recent IT trends. Staying uptodate guarantees business continuity, and keeps your company ahead of competition.

  • italents-workforce-assessment

    Workforce assessment

    The IT market is in a close connection with educational institutions and the IT training they deliver. This report offers an intersectoral qualitative and quantitative estimation of workforce.

  • italents-position-focusedreport

    Position-focused report

    This offers insights about the salary ranges, workforce availability, demand and supply dynamics & the retention strategies pertaining to a particular position/ IT branch.

  • italents-salience-report

    Salience report

    Is a comparative evaluation of factors related to business optimization and productivity. This report genre facilitates effective decision making and highlights optimal data driving a cost-quality equilibrium.

  • italents-comprehensive-analysis

    Comprehensive analysis

    This comprises all the above scopes, thus, allows exploring e in depth the business


Market Analysis Reports Abiding by Objectivity, Accuracy, Clarity and Transparency

  • Objectivity

    We commit to neutrality and impartiality in the collection and interpretation of relevant data. The facts and statistics we present are unbiased and reliable.

  • Accuracy

    We obtain data from credible and reliable sources; a combination of iTalents-conducted research, and authoritative, evident-supported others.

  • Clarity

    We follow a clear and lucid structure in reports redaction; one that highlights findings and recommendations as well as the logic and the reasoning behind these.

  • Transparency

    Our reports are transparent in terms of the implemented methodology, sources and limitations. Accurate and authentic data are vital to effective decision making.

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Benefit from our market analysis insights

  • italents-identify-opportunities

    Identify Opportunities

    Mapping out the market opens horizons for collaborations and improved recruitment approaches

  • italents-market-understanding

    Market understanding

    Gain insights and updates about your business context and micro and macro environments

  • italents-hr-empowerment

    HR Empowerment

    Refine your talents’ attraction strategies and boost your business positioning in the market