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Technical Cooperation Initiatives


Leveraging Technical Cooperation to Unlock Business Potential

Technical cooperation is a collaboration between companies aimed at exchanging expertise, and resources to accelerate innovation, increase competitiveness, and create value for shareholders and stakeholders. 

Italents works in partnership with local and global companies from the public and private sectors to enhance the services, processes, and capacities of involved parties. In addition to our direct collaborations, we intermediate between businesses to join their efforts and tap into each other’s expertise, eventually maximize goal accomplishment and complement their strategic shortages. Our vast and multi-sectoral partnership portfolio allows us to connect businesses with mutual interests and facilitate their access to new markets and technologies.


Embracing the Benefits of Partnership

  • italents-improved-efficiency

    Improved Efficiency

    Technical cooperation coordinates efforts, needs and resources. This streamlines processes efficiently, thus saves time and costs

  • italents-increased-innovation

    Increased Innovation

    The exchange of expertise stimulates creative ideas and innovative approaches to the challenges at hand.

  • italents-market-penetration

    Market Penetration

    Collaboration leverages businesses complementary strengths and existing networks, which eases their access to new markets

  • italents-enhanced-competitiveness

    Enhanced Competitiveness

    Increased market penetration and improved services expand joint companies’ market share and boost their competitive edge.

  • italents-knowledge-exchange

    Knowledge Exchange

    Bringing together different, yet complementary, work cultures and approaches enables companies to function at full-capacity.

  • italents-staff-empowerment

    Staff Empowerment

    There are different arrangements partner companies can make to empower their staff: Personnel Exchange programs, training workshops, internships, etc.

Types of technical cooperation

Building Bridges to Success: Explore the Various Forms of Technical Partnership

  • Technology Transfer

    It is the flow of IT expertise and technological systems from one company to another, or from a research institution to a business. This form of cooperation optimizes productivity by consolidating the IT infrastructure.

  • Joint R&D

    Synergizing research efforts leverages the implemented methodologies and data analysis strategies. This equals an accurate visibility of the market and eases the conceptualization of development plans.

  • Collaborative Marketing

    Co-marketing is a powerful tool to boost brand visibility and conquer new markets. With companies combining their technical expertise to undertake joint promotional ventures, they successfully nail their market positioning.

  • HR Exchange

    The exchange of human resources lies at the heart of Technical Cooperation, and aims at improving HR policies, enhancing recruitment and retention strategies; also developing training and development programs.

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iTalents’ Technical Cooperation Expands across Sectors

  • italents-private-sector

    Private sector

    We partner with startups as well as large corporations to identify their talents needs and develop staff management strategies that help to retain top talent.

  • italents-public-sector

    Public sector

    We collaborate with state institutions to create professional development & training programs, and to develop effective talent acquisition strategies.

  • italents-ngo


    iTalents works with nonprofit and for-profit organizations to transfer HR expertise and capacity building strategies. We also delve in joint research ventures.