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Besides matching you to qualified experts; we also administer the execution of the tasks and projects allocated to them and ensure the submission of deliverables within the established deadlines. By managing the workflow of your remote IT team and coordinating responsibilities amongst employees, we support the functioning of your corporate’s ecosystem and boost its quality-time-cost efficiency. We also provide management support services to your existing teams and help them build solid workgrounds, eventually maximize business’ efficiency and productivity.

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Project Manager




Regular Reports


Regular Reports
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Technical Support Team

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Our management values include

  • italents-team-planning


    Effective and realistic planning streamlines the workflow and lowers the stakes. We study projects, set up timelines and objectives, and anticipate challenges as part of our management process.

  • italents-leadership


    Our motto is people first, thus our management approach is motivating, visionary and empowering. We trust, through leadership, we can sustain success.

  • italents-personal-contribution

    Personal contribution

    We foster an open-door culture, where employees’ personal contributions and suggestions are encouraged, valued, and acted upon during decision making.

  • italents-quality-first

    Quality first

    Because excellence is a foundational value of ours, we involve employees in the quality control and maintenance process by familiarizing them with our quality benchmarks and supervising their adherence.

  • italents-work-ethics

    Work Ethics

    Managers are the frontline representative and promoters of workplace ground rules and codes of conduct. Ethical management is our key to an equitable, healthy work environment.

  • italents-feedback


    In iTalents culture, feedback is a two-way street, and is an integral component of our management strategy. We celebrate achievements, point out developmental areas, and welcome suggestions!


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Save Time and Effort

    We save you time and effort by handling your employees’ training and performance optimization. We  provide  you with a reliable and hassle-free capacity development journey. This way, you will be able to focus on creative planning and development.

  • Optimize Decision Making

    Evaluative reports accounting for the workflow enable you to make informed administrative decisions and minimize the range of error. This promotes a culture of fairness and equality among employees and increases retainment rates eventually.

  • Nurture Creativity

    The art of management is an intricate area where a set of conditions and requirements must be met to ensure the efficiency of the system. Our team commits to seed creativity and empower your staff’s ownership, thus creating a culture of collaboration and teamwork.

  • Develop Work Methods

    In order to remain current and competitive in the ever-evolving IT industry, the leaders of iTalents consistently engage in training initiatives to stay abreast of the latest advancements within technical teams of major corporations.

  • Activities and Events

    To promote a dynamic work environment, we encourage your team to participate in relevant technical events and conferences, and offer suggestions for engaging activities in collaboration with our partner hotels, travel agencies, cultural clubs, and event providers

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Management is to create and nurture an environment in the organization where curiosity is encouraged, humility is appreciated, creative thinking is recognized, and the calculated risk is tolerant.
Pearl Zhu