RBK Tunisia is a reputable private institution in Tunisia, it offers an immersive coding bootcamp program for individuals looking to start their careers in software engineering. RBK Tunisia’s program is known for producing competent full-stack developers in a matter of months. RBK Tunisia’s coding bootcamp is based on a proven model that has successfully trained and placed students in jobs in the tech industry in several countries, including the United States, Jordan, and Tunisia. Overall, RBK Tunisia is an excellent resource for individuals seeking to acquire the skills and experience necessary to succeed in the tech industry and an ideal spot for recruiting expertise.


At ITalents, we are always on the lookout for elite talent in the tech industry. As a company that values knowledge, skill, and innovation, we recognize the importance of recruiting top-notch professionals to join our team. We are gratified to say that we enjoy recruiting from RBK Tunisia for the fact that we believe in their proven model and their competent full-stack developers. Additionally, RBK Tunisia is recognized internationally only further enhances the quality of the talent pool from which we can draw. By recruiting from RBK Tunisia, we are confident that we can find the ideal and brightest individuals who will be valuable additions to the established teams… ”